Hamburg Restaurant

American restaurant Grill Hamburger

The hamburger originated in the port city of Hamburg, Germany, where it was customary to eat meat cutlets in bread in the form of a round bun, which earned the name “Hamburg Steak”. At the end of the 19th century, Jewish immigrants imported their beloved dish to the United States, where it was first sold in 1885 under the name “hamburger”.

The kitchen in the Hamburg Restaurant draws its inspiration from contemporary American cuisine, with an emphasis and specialization on the beloved meat cutlets, especially as the flagship dish: a juicy Hamburger on a fresh roll with fresh lettuce, tomato and purple onion.

The menu appeals to a wide range of audiences — from the high tech people who enjoy the economy business meals that are served in the afternoon (12: 00 PM-5:00 PM), through couples and families throughout all hours of the day, to carnivorous party-goers, for whom a special nighttime menu has been composed, which is served from 11:00 PM and onwards.

The restaurant is designed with the inspiration of classic European eateries, with a variety of elements that create a modern and varied entertainment experience, suitable for all tastes and events. The central space with the high ceiling is designed as a large dining room with long functional tables and benches, walls covered with old bricks, large decorative lighting fixtures and a beautiful stained glass window that gives the ambient light the opportunity to penetrate indoors. The well-equipped bar is placed in the heart of the restaurant, which invites you to spend an evening in the midst of excellent snacks, beer on the tap, and meticulously-prepared drinks.

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